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ALISSA MALLI - Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach
Kesh MALLI - Certified Bicycle Technician and Fit Specialist

About Us

Hey! We are Kesh and Alissa and we’re excited to have you here.
Our story began 18 years ago when we met while working for the same company in Toronto, Canada. Like most couples our life together has had it’s highs and lows but overall the journey together has been amazing and unforgettable. We’ve spent the last 10 years moving around the world for our corporate jobs…from Canada to the US to Dubai to Singapore and back to the US. While we’ve enjoyed every move and the experiences that came with it,  we grew tired of the corporate grind and the impact this eventually had on our marriage.  Ultimately, we decided it was time to take a leap of faith and focus our energy on what matters most to us. Living our best life as an active and healthy couple.
As our passion for an active and healthy lifestyle flourished, so did our experience and knowledge. Over the last five years, we’ve dedicated time and effort to our passion and have become certified in our respective fields. Kesh as a certified bicycle technician and fit specialist and Alissa as a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach.
Fit Your Life Dubai is our brand for everything cycling, fitness, and nutrition related… we believe all of these components are linked together and are centered around creating and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle for you and your family. We’ve been working hard to build our vision and passion for nutrition, fitness, overall wellness, and active living. And we are excited to be able to share this with you.
Whether you’re looking for a certified coach to assist you with your general fitness, nutrition,  or simply want your bicycle to be serviced, let Fit your Life Dubai work with you to achieve your goals or help you maintain the active lifestyle that is so important to you.

I really like how Alissa focuses just as much on nutrition as she does fitness. Alissa always spends time with with me before and after our training session to discuss my nutrition and share tips, advice, and recipes. Changing my eating habits has been instrumental to my success and Alissa has played an integral role in this. With her support and guidance I am leading a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Janice P

I appreciate how Alissa takes the time to properly explain and demonstrate each and every exercise before I perform it. She cares about my form, ensures that I am doing the exercise properly, and always asks me where I am feeling the muscle engagement with every movement. No one has ever done that before.

Claire F

Met Kesh at the Qudra cycle track and we spoke about the upcoming Ironman Dubai and how I needed some work done on my bike to make sure it was sound and ready for race day. I also asked if he was able to help my 3 friends who were flying in for the race and he was more than accommodating. I had my personal best time at the race and I was more than happy to share that with Kesh when I saw at the exit of the race! Thank you very much.

Omar H

"Went for a bike fit with Kesh and he was interested in how MY physiology worked on my bike, and not just a gauge on how one is supposed to look on the bike. Thank you very much KAM Cycle, I really do appreciate the time you took with me, it shows how passionate you are about cycling and effectively".

Sean T

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